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Honey, by Fred Meder

Posted on Friday, July 11, 2014 at 8:42 am


Let talk about everyone’s favorite product from the hive-HONEY!

Honey is a sweet, thick liquid produced by honeybees.

Honey varies in taste and color.

It can also vary in consistency depending on its moisture content.

Honey begins as nectar from flowers.

It is collected by honeybees.

Flowers produce a liquid called nectar.

Nectar is a sweet reward for the bees for helping the flowers.

It attracts the bees to the flower.

While they collect the nectar, they also help to pollinate by moving pollen around on the flower.

The honeybees carry the nectar back to the hive.

The bees also carry a good bacteria that mixes with the nectar.

When the nectar is first deposited into honey combs, it has a lot of moisture.

The bees will fan the comb with their wings to dry the nectar.

As it dries, the nectar reacts with the bacteria and thickens. Once it reaches the right moisture content, the bees will seal the honey comb with a thin layer of wax.

Once it is sealed or capped, it becomes honey.

Beekeepers know that the honey is ready to harvest when they see that it has been capped.

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