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Head Coach gets 100th following victory over North Callaway

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 10:14 am

Dylan Howard, first year varsity player for the Elsberry Indians, is just one of the key players that helped seal the win over the North Callaway Thunderbirds on Friday, Jan. 18 with a 78-53 victory.

The stage was set, the band was ready, the fan’s filled the stands and Indians Head Coach, Ryan Parker, stood in wait as Friday night became more than just another homecoming game.

With a 73-58 win over the North Callaway Thunderbirds, the Elsberry Indians were able to give Parker his 100th high school career victory.

“We beat a good team, I mean North Callaway is 10-4 for the season and what it came down too is in the second half we stuck to our game plan of getting to the rim and sharing the ball,” said Parker. “If you notice in the first half we didn’t do that. We didn’t get out and transition. We actually tried to shoot our way into the game and that doesn’t work with our team.”

Parker said even though the North Callaway defense played a good part in the first half, the biggest problem there was in fact, not sticking to the plan set by his scouting report.

“At half time I asked our boys if they were going to listen and play the way we told them too. We know what we’re doing and we’ve watched enough film to know,” said Parker. “If I put together a scouting report that’s bad I’ll be the first to admit it but I know what we planned out would work and in the end it did.”

Parker added that he knew the Thunderbirds were going to put a lot of pressure on the Indians attempts to get to the rim and they did just that. However, there are not many games any team is going to play where they will get 62 percent from the field, but that’s exactly what the boy’s of red and white did.

“I think we shot 20 percent in the first and 80 percent in the second, there is no way that’s going to happen all the time,” said Parker. “Some of it was feeding off the crowd but also some of that was from sticking to the game plan at hand. I think our boys finally realized if we do these things it will work.”

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