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Fruit and Nut Sales

Posted on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 11:26 am

Tara O'Brien Elsberry Chapter 2nd Vice President

Tara O’Brien
Elsberry Chapter
2nd Vice President
























The largest fundraiser for the Elsberry FFA Chapter is their annual fruit and nut sales where this year alone, they made almost $6,000.

The fruit is the largest portion of the sales coming from all over the United States.

Certain fruits come from different areas of agriculture in this country.

Stemilt Growers, located in eastern Washington state, has been farming apples and pears since the early 1900’s as a family business.

The grapefruit the chapter receives comes from the other end of the country, the Sunshine State, Florida.

Other citrus fruits including tangelos and oranges come from the Florida Fruit Association.

Though we only sell a small portion of these business’ fruits, it is amazing to see how far they come.

Just like in your grocery store, all of the agricultural products are being brought in from the producer, to be enjoyed on our, the consumers, table.