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From the corner of Broadway and Main Street

Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 8:12 am

Depending upon your age and background if I referenced the Ten Commandments you will think of either a 1956 movie starring Charlton Heston, a court case involving Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court, or perhaps a course of instruction in Sunday School. If the subject were the seven deadly sins I suspect more people are familiar with the plot of a 1995 movie starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt as opposed to recalling that there are also seven holy virtues. Don’t worry, I am not going to delve into a catechism class as I think myself wholly unfit to lecture on it. Rather I just want to discuss one of those sins that we are all a little guilty of, Sloth.

I bring this up because right now all of us are succeptible to sloth. We are not lazy, just tired. We are tired of shoveling snow. We want Spring to arrive so we can shovel some dirt in our gardens instead. I see the fertilizer spreaders from M.F.A go by my office and know that soon famers will be returning to the fields, but right now it seems that six weeks is an eternity. And I know that in 4 months I will be longing for some of the chill that we are experienceing right now, just as we wished for it during the drought last July. Remember those days of looking up in the sky and on the weather radar for any precipitation? Remember how we longed for a temperature drop to have some relief from the heat? Well, we got it now!

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