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Friends couldn’t believe Howery was a killer

Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Friends and a former wife attending the trial of convicted killer Douglas J. Howery just could not see him as a cold-blooded killer but his stepson said he suspected him all along.

As they awaited the jury’s verdict on Thursday, Nov. 29, those in Howery’s camp were adamant about his innocence.

“We were married for about 14 years,” said first wife Sue Howery, of Springfield. “He had never been in trouble before and he wouldn’t even discipline our boys.

“He was always a loving, generous husband and kind. He never laid a hand on me.”

“I met him in 1972 at Wagner Electric in St. Louis,” said long-time friend Neil Moersch, of Troy. “He’s a real nice guy and I never heard him say a cross word. I don’t think that he did it.”

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