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Fraction steps into leadership role, but will soon leave another big void

Posted on Monday, January 28, 2013 at 9:36 am

Elsberry’s high-scoring point guard is beginning to hit his stride-just in time to say farewell

As Charles Fraction, shown above taking it to the rim against North Callaway, enters the last games of his high school career, the question is answered, Fraction is a dominating player and a strong leader.

After losing their senior starters last year, the Elsberry Indians began the 2012-2013 season in desperate need of a new leader and Charles Fraction has stepped up in a big way.
“He’s a motivator,” said Coach Ryan Parker. “He can get other guys going just by example.”But that kind of leadership ability rarely comes naturally and Fraction is no exception.“From the first game of the season, everyone was telling me to be a leader,” said Fraction. “I wanted to step up, but I didn’t know how. I was younger.”“It took a lot of encouragement for him to step up,” added Parker. “When you’ve never had that, it’s hard to understand. It’s a process.”
Much of that encouragement has come from former Elsberry star Scott Kroeger, now a football player at Lindenwood University majoring in exercise science and education.Kroeger, aware of the leadership void that the Indians would likely face this year, began working with Fraction several seasons ahead of time.

“I tried to prepare Chuck for leadership by telling him what I would do in certain situations while we were at practice and while we were watching film from old games or certain things like that,” said Kroeger. “I tried to point out my flaws to him as much as I could when I caught myself doing something wrong so he could learn from my mistakes.”

All of that hard work and preparation certainly seems to have paid off, both in Fraction’s attitude and in his performance.

“Now I want it,” said Fraction. “I work harder at it. It’s fun to pump up the rest of the team, especially now that we’re a unit.”

“There is always room for improvement, but I am very proud of Charles and the way he is improving as a leader as the year moves forward,” added Kroeger.

And just how difficult was it to get the rest of the team to follow Fraction’s lead?

“From day one, it took some work for the other guys to accept that from him,” said Parker. “They’ve accepted him in that role now.”

Early in the season, Fraction also found himself responding to some nonverbal feedback from his teammates.

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