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Fishing holes and fishing poles a look at public area lakes and ponds in Lincoln County

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 8:51 am

Shown above is just one of the fishing lakes at the William Logan Conservation Area near the town of Silex. There are approximately seven lakes to fish from here with a wide variety of fish to catch.

Fishing is possibly one of man’s greatest past times. Loading up the boat, grabbing the old fishing poles, cooler full of beverages and for some the family, almost everyone has a story about fishing. Lincoln county is home to 83 various lakes and rivers just for fishing, however, there is a great number of those that are privately owned and need permission to fish on. But there are a large number of public, beautiful places to fish and they’re nothing more than a skipping stone away.

One of the most popular areas to fish is in the Missouri State Parks, such as Cuivre River, William R. Logan Conservation Area and William G. and Ema Parke White Memorial Wildlife Area. Cuivre River is home to a small variety of fish ranging from largemouth bass, bluegill and channel catfish.

“People seem to love it out here,” says Kevin Eulinger, an agent for the Lincoln County Conservation Department. “It’s absolutely beautiful, peaceful; it has several locations to fish from and boat access.”

According to Eulinger, he has seen people come from all over to fish these waters. But Cuivre River is not just a fishing hole, it’s also a premiere place to camp, hike, swim, canoe and simply sight see.

“Cuivre River State Park is a bit of the Ozarks outside of the Ozarks – a nature lover’s paradise,” states the Parks website ( “The park’s renowned trails take visitors through prairies and forests of oaks and hickories.”

Cuivre River was acquired as a federal recreation demonstration from 1934 until 1936. In 1946 the park was transferred to the state and became Cuivre River State Park, but only after the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and the Works Progress Administration built many of the parks attributes. In fact, many of the structures in the park are registered in the National Register of Historic Places. This park has also been called “the Ozarks away from the Ozarks.”

“We get a lot of different visitors here,” said Eulinger. “But for the most part everyone that comes here is looking for peace and quiet, time away from the struggles of life, whether it be to fish, camp or just hang out for the day and walk our many trails.”

When asked why they come to Cuivre River, most people said it was because of its natural beauty and peacefulness. Oh, and the big fish, which the Conservation Department maintains and fills.

Another good place to fish and relax lies just up the road near the town of Silex; William Logan Conservation Area, which also neighbors the William G. and Ema Parke White Memorial Wildlife Area off Hwy. 61 and Hwy. Z. The William Logan Conservation Area has approximately seven lakes and ponds to fish from. It is home to Bass, Catfish and Sunfish. However, unlike Cuivre River State Park, William Logan allows hunting – during the proper hunting seasons.

According to the Conservation Department, they acquired this property from William R. Logan in 1968 in part with Pittman-Robertson funds from the federal excise tax on sporting arms and ammunition. They have approximately 1417 acres of timber, 350 acres of open fields and 29 acres of lakes and ponds. There is also a firing range, but due to wet conditions the range is temporally closed.

The William G. and Ema Parke White Memorial Wildlife Area is home to Catfish, Crappie, Sunfish, Bass and Bluegill. It contains 315 acres of timber and 495 acres of open field. The property was donated to the Missouri Department of Conservation in 1976 by the daughters of William G. and Erma Parke White.

“The Conservation Department manages the area primarily for bobwhite quail and cottontail rabbits,” explains Eulinger.

So whether you want variety, plenty of amenities or just something to do, any of these three parks will do. Over the next few weeks, The Elsberry Democrat is going to show some of the most popular areas for fishing and relaxing throughout the Lincoln County Area. Although there are several ponds and lakes directly in the Elsberry area, many are privately owned and operated. If anyone would like to list their lake or pond as a good fishing hole, please contact us at 573-898-2318 or e-mail us at

For more information on Cuivre River call 636-528-7247. For more information on William Logan Conservation Area or on the William G. and Ema Parke White Memorial Wildlife Area call 636-441-4554. Those interested are also asked to visit

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