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Ensuring fresh water supply idea behind portable source

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 6:12 am

There is a new, innovative technology available where contaminated surface water becomes purified though a backpack.

Aquanetics H2o’s Solar HYDRO is a portable water purification system. CEO Allen Gossett says it cleans contaminated fresh water to 99.9 percent purity,

“It is lightweight which can be taken on camping trips, hunting excursions, and a whole lot of situations where access to clean water sometimes is challenging.”

The unit is powered solely by solar with no electricity needed.

“It can process up to 40 gallons on a single charge,” said Gossett.

Gossett is based in both in Texas and Lincoln County.

AquaneticsH2o Solar Lifewater Technologies is the company which produces the units.

The Solar HYDRO makes the dream of unlimited clean water a reality, says Gossert. It features a four-stage process, The portable backpack can take in murky lake water through a tube, remove the bacteria, viruses and microorganisms, and dispense the water for instant use. After prescreening the water for large debris and sticks, it goes through two internal filters and lastly is subjected to UV light. He provided a demonstrations at Lake Lincoln in the Cuivre River State Park.

Among the bacteria eradicated through the process includes ebola, hepatitis, cholera, typhoid fever and other viruses from water.

Gossett has worked with missionaries who serve in areas where clean, fresh water is either near impossible or have to go a long distance to retrieve it.

Gossett also has a GoFundMe page to raise money for 501c3 organizations that want to bring the product to other needy communities.

Gossett conducted a survey among Americans, asking them what their major concerns were in their communities and for family. “Nearly everyone said clean water,” he said. This product was first into production in 2016 and sales are growing.

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