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End of summer travel tips

Posted on Friday, July 25, 2014 at 11:52 am

End-of-summer trips make for a great end  to a beloved time of year.

End-of-summer trips make for a great end to a beloved time of year.

Summer is a season beloved by many.

Warm air, time off from school and summer hours at the office make the months of June, July and August some of the most relaxing weeks of the year.

Unfortunately, like all seasons, summer must eventually come to a close.

But even as summer’s end draws near, there is still time to squeeze in one last summer trip.

The following are a few tips for travelers who simply can’t say “so long” to summer without one more warm weather excursion.

* Find a deal on lodging. You can still find a deal on lodging even if your end-of-summer trip is a spur of the moment affair. In fact, you might have a better chance of finding a deal if you wait until the last minute than you would have if you booked months in advance. That’s especially true if you are planning a weekend getaway to a beachside community. Such communities typically boast significant inventories of summer rentals, and recognizing that the final weeks of summer are their last opportunities to generate rental income, owners of such rentals are often inclined to lower their prices if they have not yet rented their units. Renters who don’t mind waiting until the last minute to book their waterfront escape might just find that their patience pays off with big discounts.
* Be flexible. Flexibility is another friend to men and women booking end-of-summer getaways. If you have vacation days to spare, consider traveling midweek instead of on Friday or Saturday, as you might find more affordable flights and/or lodging if you travel on days when many people will be in their offices. In addition, traveling midweek is a great way to avoid the traffic jams and crowded airports and train stations that have become a staple of summer weekend travel.
* Don’t stray too far. If your trip is truly a last-minute affair, then you might want to set your sights on a destination that’s close to home. A last-minute flight to a land far away can break the bank, and booking trips at the last minute may mean you have to travel during off-peak hours when it can be less convenient and enjoyable to get away. If traveling far and wide will put too great a dent in your finances or find you dealing with long layovers, then consider a place closer to home so you can spend more time relaxing and less time traveling.
* Keep it simple. The vacation of a lifetime at the end of summer can make for a memorable experience, but keep in mind that end-of-summer trips are often seen as one final opportunity to unwind and enjoy the relaxing nature of summer. If your trip is filled with sightseeing and other activities, you may feel exhausted by the time you return and never get the last-minute respite from the daily grind that you were hoping your end-of-summer excursion would provide.
* Pack light. While it’s important to pack all of the little things you need every day, when packing for an end-of-summer getaway try to pack light. If the weather figures to be warm, you won’t need to pack any coats, jackets or even long pants. Packing light fits the theme of a relaxing summer getaway and allows you to avoid waiting at baggage claim or stressing out over how to cram everyone’s luggage into the trunk of your car.