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Elsberry’s Lost Creek Bridge gets pushed back

Posted on Saturday, July 6, 2013 at 8:52 am

Lost CreekIt’s been a highly anticipated wait for residents and commuters over the Elsberry Lost Creek Bridge and it would seem as though they will have to continue waiting.

Due to the high waters in Clarksville and based on “best guessed” river level forecasts, Project Manager Nick Hayden with R.V. Wagner Inc. said they are going to be approximately two weeks behind their original start and completion dates.

According to MoDOT and Hayden they were set to be on site no later than August 22 with a closing date of Sept. 1. This would have allowed them to have the new bridge complete by Oct. 1. However, these dates will now be two-weeks behind with an on site date of Sept. 5 and a closing date of Sept. 15. Unfortunately, this also pushes back the completion date to Oct. 15.

In the original contract it was set that R.V. Wagner Inc. could be penalized up to $10,000 a day for each day past the Oct. 1 date. However, according to MoDOT Area Engineer Erik Maninga, P.E., this is considered an act of God and they cannot and will not hold the company accountable.

“This was beyond their control,” said Maninga. “There really is no way to say they are at fault, but we will continue to make sure the closing time is minimal for Elsberry.”

As changes are made, The Elsberry Democrat will continue to update in partnership with MoDOT.

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