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Elsberry team competes in the MO Entrepreneurship Challenge Finals

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 8:06 am

Elsberry Team pictured above:  Mason Cameron, Anne Heintzelman, Jacob Sabella, Kimmie Croxville and Ethan Miller.

Elsberry Team pictured above: Mason Cameron, Anne Heintzelman, Jacob Sabella, Kimmie Croxville and Ethan Miller.

An Elsberry team of students were invited to compete as one of the top 20 teams across the state at the 2013 Missouri Entrepreneurship Challenge.

This team of five students had three weeks to develop a business concept complete with a full business plan for a company that could effectively assist victims of natural disasters. The team not only developed an excellent business plan, but also a web site to support their newly created business.

After this online round in which over 100 teams (consisting of five students each from across the state of Missouri) competed, twenty of the top teams were invited to compete in the state finals at St. Joseph, Missouri on November 12. There the Elsberry team competed in the culmination of the Entrepreneurship Challenge in which they were teamed up with another team of five from another school to make one team of 10.

This intensive event challenged students through collaboration to create a new business idea that incorporated the use of Robotics. The students had only two hours to come up with an idea and draft a brief plan. They then presented their business plan to a panel of judges and fielded their questions. Although our team did not finish on top, they presented themselves very well. As their teacher and FBLA advisor, Judy Gomel stated, “ I’m very proud of this team as they had very good ideas and spoke very well in their presentation.”

The competition was organized by the Missouri Council on Economic Education, hosted by Missouri Western State University, and sponsored by MasterCard, the University of Central Missouri, the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Education, and Folio Match. While the judges collaborated, students had the opportunity to listen to and ask questions to a panel of young entrepreneurs from across the United States that operate franchises from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. These entrepreneurs were all recent graduates of Missouri Western State University.

The winning team created a business plan for a company called ”FireBot.” The product idea was for a robot that could be used by Fire Fighters to put out fires while limiting human exposure to dangerous situation. The team consisted of 5 students from Central High School (St. Joseph) and 5 students from Center High School (Kansas City).

These students were awarded a monetary prize ($100 each) from the Missouri Council on Economic Education and each of them will receive a $6,000 scholarship ($750/semester for four years) at the Missouri Western State University Craig School of Business.