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Elsberry resident sets out to revolutionize PC gaming

Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Ed Georgie, inventor of the Mini Stick, is a 10-year resident of Elsberry. This is the second invention he has brought all the way to marketing.

What started as a frustration became a seemingly brilliant idea for Elsberry resident Ed Georgie, inventor of the Mini Stick.

The Mini Stick is a joy stick that attaches to almost any keyboard, just over the arrows and allows players to play PC games with ease; something Georgie said was a problem until now.

“I was sitting in my office one day, with nothing to do and began playing a game on my PC,” said Georgie. “It was one of these games that come through your e-mail. Anyway I was playing this game thinking, ‘this was cantankerous.’ Since the keys on a keyboard are not symmetrical it makes playing games sometimes a little more than frustrating.”

Georgie said he sat there thinking of ideas that would allow a person to still play games but with better symmetry; this was seven years ago. The problem he faced or the biggest obstacle was trying to devise a pulley lever system that would allow a player to move forward and backward, as well as side to side without out losing focus of the game being played.

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