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Elsberry R-II School District places Tax Rate Transfer (Prop. 2) on August Primary Ballot

Posted on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 at 6:08 am

Investing in Education is a means to invest in children who attend school at any level and any location.

For the second time in four months Elsberry Schools is asking the voters for help in passing Prop 2 on the Aug. 7 ballot.

After the passage in April of Prop 2, which was a no-tax bond issue for renovations throughout the school district, the district now needs permission to perform a Tax Rate Transfer with funds. This will allow funds to be moved from the debt service levy to the operating levy, but not affect an individuals taxes.

According to superintendent, Dr. Tim Reller, “Prop 2 will allow the district to reinstate the school resource officer program and meet other operating needs of the district without an additional cost to the taxpayers.”

Some may wonder why this proposition is right after the bond issue passed in April. The passing of the April bond issue allowed the board of education to structure the long term debt of the district so that it can be supported by the lower debt service levy that would be in place with the successful passage of this issue.

The purpose of the different tax levies allow the allocation of money to different accounts. The revenue generated by the operating levy is used to fund the general operations of the district, (i.e salaries, benefits, supplies, etc.), while the debt service levy can only be used to pay the long term debts of the district.

Currently the Elsberry R-II School District has the lowest school tax rate in Lincoln County.

For further information or any questions Reller can be contacted at his office, 573-898-5554 ext. 210 or