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Elsberry R-II School Board learns what it takes to be a leader

Posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 12:07 pm

Clarence Cannon Elementary School Students Morgan Jones and Dylan Skirvin demonstrated a technique they learned from the Seven Habits of Leadership Program, currently going on within the Elsberry R-II School District.

The Elsberry R-II School Board held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 12 and it would seem as though they were in for a treat.

After going over the typical bill approvals and enrollment rates, board members were seemed delighted as Clarence Cannon fourth graders Morgan Jones and Dylan Skirvin demonstrated how putting first things first can allow for time to play.

They did this by using plastic containers, one filled with large rocks and the other filled with small fish tank pebbles. Morgan asked her father and Elsberry R-II School Board Member Matt Jones to name several things he finds important, such as work, family, his wife, etc. As he named off his importance list she would grab a large rock and place on top of the smaller pebbles. What they were demonstrating was how putting the little things first will not allow room for the larger.

Next the two students had Jones say his list again, however, this time placing the large rocks into an empty tub. Once he completed his list they filled the container with the smaller pebbles showing how putting first things first will still allow room for fun time. This demonstration was just one of several techniques students are learning this year with the new Seven Habits of Leadership Program.

Another huge topic discussed was the current status of the Explorers Club. According to Club Advisor and Co-Creator Amanda Seeley, the club has hit its maximum allowance of students, which may now force them to begin a waiting list.

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