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Elsberry R-II School Board approves several items

Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 8:05 am

It’s hard to believe that just a couple weeks ago this was home to some major construction. However, just as Elsberry Superintendent Tim Reller, Ed.D. stated, crews were able to finish a majority of the work and students enjoyed their first day at school, with air conditioning.

It’s hard to believe that just a couple weeks ago this was home to some major construction. However, just as Elsberry Superintendent Tim Reller, Ed.D. stated, crews were able to finish a majority of the work and students enjoyed their first day at school, with air conditioning.

Just days before the start of school, the Lincoln County R-II School Board met for their final summer meeting, where they were able to receive several updates regarding the construction and discuss several other policies.

Board members present were Kandi Kinsler, School Board President Sean O’Brien, Mark Rhoades, Matt Jones, Mike Bange and John Boedeker. Others present were Superintendent Tim Reller, Ed.D., Anne Anthony, Elementary Principal Toni Wankel, Middle School Principal Jason Miller and three visitors.

O’Brien called the meeting to order and recognized the three visitors, by allowing them the opportunity to speak before the board on non-personnel items, not already on the agenda. With no amendments to be made, Boedeker moved and Jones seconded the motion to approve the consent agenda consisting of minutes of the July board meeting, payment of bills, conflict of interest policy and the physical therapy services contract.

Next Dr. Reller, reported that state revenue to start the year is lower due to the governor withholding money regarding HB253. He also reported on the Network for Educator Effectiveness.

“This is part of the new evaluation form, based on multiple short classroom observations,” explained Dr. Reller. “The principals will be doing nine to 10 per year, per teacher. This is required through NCLB. There is a rating system of one through seven for each standard the district uses. Most of the staff will be approximately a four.”

Next up was Jim Russell with Septagon, who gave the board a construction update. According to him, most of the work, with the exception of the gym and the weight room, is complete. He also stated they would be issuing the O&M manuals as well as issuing closeout documents throughout August.

After Russell finished giving his updates, the board went on to approve several agenda items. Boedeker moved and Bange seconded the motion to set a special board meeting date of Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. for budget approval and tax rate hearing. Jones moved and Kinsler seconded the motion to approve the bus routes as presented; Rhoades abstained. Rhoades moved and Matt Jones seconded the motion to approve a stipend for the A+ Coordinator at five percent of the base. Boedeker moved and Rhoades seconded the motion to approve the Resolution on HB253; if put into effect and the Internet sales tax is passed, it would cost the district $535,000 annually. Jones moved and Kinsler seconded the motion to approve the bread bid from Sara Lee and the milk bid from Prairie Farms as presented. Bange moved and Jones approved the policy updates as presented.

One such policy was that of transfer students for admission and withdrawals, Policy 2240. According to the policy, Nonresident students may be permitted to attend the District schools upon payment of tuition provided the student is not barred from enrollment by provisions of the Safe Schools Act. Tuition rates will be determined annually by the Board of Education on the basis of the per-pupil cost for the preceding year including operation, maintenance, and debt service of the schools.

Within two business days of enrollment in the District by state officials of a nonresident student pursuant to state statute, the Superintendent/designee will request the student’s transfer and discipline records from all schools or facilities previously attended and from other state agencies and entities involved in the placement of the student within the twenty-four (24) month period preceding enrollment. The Superintendent/designee is authorized to share relevant portions of such student’s transfer and discipline records with District employees who, based upon their duties, have a need to know such information. Such records will be maintained in confidence for purposes of maintaining discipline and for assistance to the student. The student’s transfer and discipline records will not be a part of the student’s permanent record nor used as the sole basis for denying educational services to a pupil.

In accordance with Missouri law and Board Regulation, the District will accept transfer students from school districts in its same or adjoining counties that are declared unaccredited by the state of Missouri.

The following students, who are not residents of the District, may enroll without payment of tuition: orphaned children or children with only one living parent, children whose parents/guardians do not contribute to the support of the child, children who participate in an American Field Service or similar foreign exchange program subject to District approval and provided that the student resides in the home of a District resident; children whose parent/guardian owns real property within the District, but who reside outside of District boundaries. Such children may attend school upon payment of tuition, which will be reduced by the amount of real estate tax paid by the child’s parent/ guardian for School District purposes. Children whose parents/guardians own and reside upon property at least eighty acres of which are used for agricultural purpose, provided at least thirty-five percent of the property is within the District; inter-district desegregation students, students of District teachers or regular District employees, homeless students, wards of the state, students placed in a residential care facility and students attending regional or cooperative alternative education programs. The administration may investigate the eligibility of children attending schools under the provisions of this regulation.

There being no further items to bring before the board, Boedeker moved and Bange seconded the motion to go into executive session for the purpose of hiring, firing, discipline or promotion of employees pursuant to 610.02(3). The next regular meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Sept. 11.

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