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Elsberry Pharmacy wants to help build a healthier tomorrow

Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 10:24 am

What originally started in North Carolina is now picking up trends in Elsberry, helping build a safer and healthier society.

Jerry Callahan owner of Elsberry Pharmacy said the new Healthy Heart Club is meant for, is people who ail from high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol helps them become more actively involved in controlling their diseases. This club is also meant to help people who want to lose weight and even quit smoking.

“What this does is essentially pharmacists now become sort of a coach for people,” Callahan said. “We are here to help them and to motivate them to stay on the right path.”

According to Callahan, the people that participate will have access to the new website (, where they can go in and set up different goals for themselves and each week report their progress. Callahan said at that time he will go in and review their progress and report back what else they can do or give advise on how to manage their goals successfully.

In addition to the website and coaching, each participant will receive a “Wellness Kit” that includes a blood glucose monitor, pedometer and a measurement tape. They will also have access to seven-day meal plans written out by a registered dietician and monthly exercise routines.

“We will have monthly health classes to help reach the goals set by participants the second Saturday of each month, with the first one on Jan. 14,” Callahan said. “We will meet at the Elsberry Senior Center located at 501 Broadway.”

Callahan said he would like to see people become more of an active participant in controlling their disease rather than a doctor having to always tell them what they should be doing.

“There are things the patient can do to help themselves get better,” Callahan said.

The Healthy Heart Club will have a fee of $20 a month but as the program grows other programs will be added to help lower the cost. Callahan said he also has intentions of possible starting an “Elsberry’s Biggest Loser” contest where the winner can earn some good prizes including a possible $1000 prize.

Callahan said, “The ultimate goal is to produce healthy living and for some people, if this is done right, may be able to one day get off their meds.”

Anyone wanting to participate can visit the Elsberry Pharmacy or visit the website to learn more. People can also call 573-898-2550 for answers to any questions they may have.