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Elsberry Middle School Basketball Preview

Posted on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 9:51 am

This year’s Middle School Basketball teams at Elsberry Schools are running into the season in full speed, playing three games in the opening week.

Both teams have good numbers this year as many boys and girls are have come out for the sport.

The boys teams have record numbers this year with 15 eighth graders and 10 seventh graders. The teams are coached by Tim Reller and Aaron Johnson. The girl’s teams are showing seven for the eighth graders and six for the seventh grade team. Returning from last year are coaches Brittney Koch-Dowell and Susan Painter.

As with all feeder programs the teams are working hard to improve their skills and look forward to a fun season of basketball. Coach Reller said, “We look forward to the boys playing hard and improving with every game.” Coach Koch-Dowell echoed Reller’s thoughts and added, “We hope that our diligence and focused practices are enough to be a good match up for any of our competitors.”

New to the cheerleading sponsor spot is Rachel Turner. The MS cheerleaders have five hardworking girls to cheer on their teams this year. Turner responded by saying, “I am so proud of the work these young ladies have put in to get ready for the season.”

The teams are competing in the Elsberry Middle School tournament this week.


Elsberry Middle School Cheerleaders are Jessica Sadler, Hannah Herbert, Makenna Mills, Cierrah Crenshaw and Kaylen Lammert.

Seventh grade team members are (l-r): Coach Susan Painter, Marissa Lewis, Heidi Moore, Alexis Lammert, Audri Irving, Alannah Tapley, Christine Wehmeyer and Coach Brittney Koch-Dowell.

Eighth grade team members are (front row, l-r): Candice Dowell, Neosha Henderson Addyson Steele. (Back row, l-r): Coach Susan Painter, Emily Moellman, Makenzie Gladney, Alyssa Love, Olivia Kinsler and Coach Brittney Koch-Dowell.

Seventh grade team members are (front row, l-r): Mason Hammers, Phillip Cooper Jr., Will Freeborn, Ben Dowell and Matt Jordan. (Back row, l-r): Ezekiel Byers, Joey Heitman, Kyle Tapley, Chadlee Baldwin and Sean Phillips.

Eighth grade team members are (l-r): Evan Wilson, Bryce Irving, Jorgan Kreuger, Kaden Kinsler, James Augustin, Gavin Reller, Trevor Ashing, Dashaun Dodson, Kyle Turnbull, Ethan King, Duncan Whiteside, Josh Wolanski, Jacob Heitman, Randy Freeborn and Mason Shipley.