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Elsberry local has a ‘Voice’

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 11:35 am

Sara Montanelli

Sara Montanelli

Everyone has dreams. While some are planned and calculated, others just come out of nowhere and change a person’s life forever.

Sara Montanelli has always wanted to be a singer, a performer, an entertainer. Ever since she was little girl all she has ever wanted to do was sing. She said it was the one thing that always gave her solace. However, like most artists she has also had a fear of allowing the public to really hear her true self. That is until now.

On Saturday, July 20 Montanelli will be auditioning for a spot on NBC’s “The Voice.”

“Ever since I can remember I have been singing,” says Montanelli. “Even as a kid, I’ve always been in choir or something to do with music. But at the same time, I’ve always been kind of shy about my voice.”

According to her, she lacks the self confidence that she feels all artists should have. However, it is something she said she is working on.

“I don’t know why I lack the confidence, but it is something I truly am working on,” says Montanelli. “That’s also part of the reason I decided to grow a pair and just set the audition date.”

Montanelli said all she had to do was log on to “The Voice’s” website, fill out a little bit of info, set a date and wait for them to send her an artist’s pass, which she will receive about a week before the audition date.

“I plan on singing ‘Jar of Hearts,’ by Christina Perri,” Montanelli says. “It is by far one of my favorite songs.”

When asked if she was to become famous tomorrow what sort of artists would she be?

“I would have to say a mixture of pop and jazz because I have a real mellow voice when I sing, sometimes,” Montanelli said with a smile. “I can sing almost anything, well anything except death metal.”

Some of her idols are Adele, Christina Perri, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. According to her, everyone should have just a little bit of variety in their music and range and she hopes she gets the opportunity to showcase hers.

“Since telling others I plan on doing this, my Facebook has exploded,” says Montanelli. “There were almost 70 people who liked the status about setting the date, almost instantly. To be honest it’s been hard to keep up with all the support I have received so far.”

Although she said she has received a lot of support from friends, she has also received a lot of support from her family. However, her mother said she was going to miss her greatly if she makes it onto the show.

N074493K“There’s a process to all this,” says Montanelli. “If I make it through all of the audition stuff here, I’ll be gone for a week for the producer tryouts, which everyone has to make it past the producers before seeing the actual judges. If I make it past them, the show will pay to send me to California and do a few more steps there. Again, if I make it past that then I’ll be gone for another three or four weeks, unless I make it to the finals, then I’d be gone more like eleven weeks.”

According to her, her mother is not sure what she’ll do without her but is proud none the less. But what about those judges? If she makes it who would she most like to be paired with?

“I really hope I can get paired with Adam Levine because I’m really not a fan of Shakira,” says Montanelli. “Blake Shelton would be my second choice because he is a good singer himself and because I can’t really see myself doing a bunch of weird rappish stuff, like Usher.”

Although these may not be the same judges she will see this season, she said she’s still hopeful that Adam Levine will still be there.

“I believe I am ready,” says Montanelli. “I think I have the talent and I’m hoping the judges will see it. But no matter what happens, my heart and soul is music and somehow, some way I will be a singer/songwriter. My mom didn’t raise a quitter. I have support, I have people who love and believe in me and I am ready to show the world the next voice.”

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