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Elsberry Indians win fourth straight District Title

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 10:15 am

The season has not yet come to an end for the Elsberry Indians as they defeated the Crossroad Currents, 74-58, for a fourth straight District win.

“If you had looked at our season [prior to Saturdays game] I could have told you we could beat anybody, if we got hot we’re a pretty dangerous team and that’s what happened,” explained Parker. “We started playing to our potential instead of underachieving.”

Parker went on to say how if he had been told at the beginning of the season, District Champs, he may have said yeah right. Although, he explained how he also felt as though, that’s where they should be, which didn’t leave much surprise for him.

“It was more of a surprise how we struggled throughout the season,” said Parker. “I have said all season we are a roller coaster team, even during Districts, we had a good first game, second game we struggled and the third game we played real well.”

Although the Indians have to find an even keel, Parker stated how that may never be a possibility. However, he is pleased how the roller coaster ride is starting to smooth out and become more of a level ride rather than an up and down ride.

Even with the weather playing a part in changing how teams may have played, Parker explained how the day off may have played well for them. By taking Thursday as a day of rest and working only two-hours on Friday to put a game plan in motion, his boys seemed to come out strong and determined.

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