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Elsberry Indians prepare for a strong season

Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 9:33 am

Although they have only been able to make two out of four scheduled meets, Head Coach Ryan Parker said he will be leaning on Freshman player Ethan Pott for leadership and points. However, he went on to explain how impressed he is with Gavin Hill (shown above) and the improvements he has made in just two games. As the season begins to warm, Parker explained that everyone on the team should show vast improvement going forward, although only five will make the overall cut. Who is still to be determined.

Just like the rest of the Elsberry sports teams, weather has played a big part in the absence of practice and meets for the Indians Golf team.

“They are battling through the elements,” explained Indians Head Coach Ryan Parker. “It has been tough for them to get a feel for their game but by the end of the season when it matters most, we should be hitting our stride.”

Heading into the season, with only two out of four meets played, Parker said they would be leaning on Ethan Pott early on. However, everyone should get progressively better throughout the season.

“Golf is one of those sports that the more you play the better feel you get for the game and your game will improve,” said Parker. “Gavin Hill has shown through two meets that he is serious about golf and has the chance to be really good.”

With a larger number of players this year, compared to last, Parker went on to explain how during meets there can only be five players and they have to take the top four scores out of those five.

“At home meets we will let everyone play but designate who are top five are,” said Parker. “I told them at our [last] meet that if they are not in the top five tonight, prove yourself and earn that spot. Competition is good and I think we have some kids willing to work for that fifth spot.”

With focus being the key to golf, Parker said he thinks his team needs to focus on making a good contact shot with every swing. According to him, sometimes they can get in the habit of swinging to hard, wanting the ball to go 300 yards every time or hitting that once in a lifetime shot.

“One challenge we face every year is the sharing of players between other spring sports but we learn to deal with it,” said Parker. “Our strength this season is our numbers. Numbers lead to competition and players will need to be on their toes at all times to secure that spot in the top five.”

The two meets the Indians were able to make were on March 19 at the Montgomery County Meet where Pott scored a 44, Joey Vombey – 56, Hill – 50, Anthony Grasso – 59, Olivia Brown – 66, Rodney Chatman – 62 and Adam Talbot with a 62. The second meet was the Elsberry meet on Monday, April 1. Pott scored a 49, Hill – 41, Josh Phillips – 60, Vombey – 50, Grasso – 55, Brown – 54, Wayne Holland – 68 and Talbot with a 63. The next meet will be on Wednesday, April 3 at 4 p.m. against Van-Far.

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