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Elsberry Hometown Hero

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 7:57 am

Living by the word of Christ

Shown above is Greg Pflasterer with his youth group during the youth Mission trip to Texas with World Changers. The group placed a new roof on the home of an in-need resident, just one of the many ways the group tries to give back.

Not everyone makes the best decisions in life. In fact for many, it’s the hard road that eventually leads them to greatness and the principles and ideals they pick up along the way that make them Hometown Heroes.

Outside of a few years spent in Florida and California, Greg Pflasterer was born and raised in Elsberry. According to him, he grew up in a good family but found himself on a dark road shortly after high school, where he got deeply involved into drugs and alcohol. However, as he got older he began to settle and slow down his acts of sin until he would eventually be saved at the age of 29, when Christ “snatched” him up and saved his life.

“I wasn’t raised in church, I wasn’t a church kid or taught the gospel or shared with Jesus. I mean we believed in God but we maybe went to church twice a year,” explained Pflasterer. “It was one of those things where I worked with some guys in construction and they loved me. As messed up as I was; all the dirty jokes and arrogant comments, they just looked beyond that and just loved me. That was what really opened my eyes to the gospel.”

Pflasterer went on to say how he was saved outside of the church and how those men help lead him further into God’s embrace. However, he also learned he wasn’t one of those people that could spend Sunday’s at church.

“I mean with football and so many other things to do, it wasn’t my first choice on how to spend my Sundays,” said Pflasterer. “To me it’s ridiculous to think you could just put your foot partially in the door. This is an eternal thing here, it’s not just a basketball game, and it’s an eternal commitment. So I ended up giving myself 100 percent into Christ and got into God’s word and how it applied to my life.”

Pflasterer said he is not the most educated person, although he did do a couple years of college, he began reading and seeing the word God, which opened his eyes.

“I started doing what I thought the bible intended for me to do; to be part of a fellowship, a local church, which I was at the Methodist Church but then God called me to First Baptist, where I asked the pastor if I could start a youth ministry and we got that up and running shortly thereafter,” said Pflasterer.

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