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Elsberry High School says farewell to Class of 2013

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 2:06 pm

Class of 2013

As another school year comes to an end it is time once again to say farewell to the graduation seniors, the Class of 2013.

Commencement was held on Sunday, May 19 at 2 p.m. at the Elsberry High School Gymnasium.

Fifty seniors, along with family, friends and faculty filled the gymnasium as Superintendent Tim Reller, Ed.D welcomed everyone for coming out. A video made by Brandy Hall, showed all those who attended what the Elsberry Seniors looked like as children and throughout the years.

The EHS Choir under the direction of Tom Speers performed “Time of Your Life” by Billy Joel and Green Day.

Mercedes Sherrow and Braden Spratt provided the senior addresses. Followed by the EHS Band

Valedictorian - Braden Spratt (right) and Salutatorian - Mercedes Sherrow (left)

performing Instant Concert, arr Harlod L. Walters.

Braden Spratt received the Outstanding Senior award given by the American Legion Post #226.

Top 10 Seniors

10. Charles Fraction

9. Tina Melvin

8. Krista Dye

7. Cody Shaw

6. Courtney Orf

5. Tracey Beck

4. Rebecca Jansen

3. Chris Hency

2. Mercedes Sherrow

– Salutatorian

1. Braden Spratt

– Valedictorian


2013 Local Scholarships and Memorial Scholarships:

Cody Shaw

• Jillian Anne Young Memorial

• Johnny Zerrer Memorial

• Steve Peecher Memorial


• LC Farm Bureau

• FFA Booster Club

Storm Davis

• Don and Eva Eastin Memorial

• Marcella Whitehead Memorial

• Hummert International

• FFA Booster Club

• Hilltop Scholarship – Culver Stockton

Tracey Beck

• EHS Alumni

• Eddie Ann Waggoner/ Elsberry Pharmacy

• L.C. Republican Club

• Academic – Lindenwood University

Chas Cohoon

•Lovelace/Waggoner Family

• Beauchamp Seed

• New Horizon

•FFA Booster Club

Rebecca Jansen

•EHS Alumni

•SBU Board of Trustees

•SBU Vocal Performance

• A+ Scholarship

Braden Spratt

•Carter and Dane Brooksher

• Marcella Whitehead Memorial

•Bonn J. Contracting

• A+ Scholarship

Bailey Zimmermann


•Marcella Whitehead Memorial

• Ignatius of Loyola Rockhurst

•L.C. DARE Youth Camp Counselor

Krista Dye

•Margaret Palmer Memorial

• Marcella Whitehead Memorial

•LC DARE Youth Camp Counselor

Melissa Grasso

• Marcella Whitehead Memorial

• FFA Booster Club

• A+ Scholarship

Cara Marty

• Edna Ann Waggoner / Elsberry Pharmacy

• FFA booster Club

•Academic Lindenwood University

Myra Marty

• Lovelace Farms

• FFA Booster Club

•Academic Lindenwood University

Tina Melvin

•Herb Felty Elsberry Lion Club



•A+ Scholarship

Mercedes Sherrow

•Clarence Cannon Memorial

•Providence Bank

•Provost- MSU

Emily Wells

•Friends of Elsberry Literacy Grant

•Young Minds

•MOU – Gran Canyon University

Charles Fraction

•Marcella Whitehead Memorial

•Back and White Ball – Lindenwood

Brandy Hall

•Shelter Insurance

•FFA Booster Club

Jessie Knox

•Lincoln County Cattleman’s Association

•FFA Booster Club

Courtney Orf

•Ellen Memorial Barnes

•A+ Scholarship

Mellanee Sherrow

•Community Teachers Association

•A+ Scholarship

Julia Barragan


Addric DeRoy

•Rosemary Shaffer Memorial

Kyle Eisenbath

•A+ Scholarship

Chris Hency

•A+ Scholarship

Jackie Guccione

•Sons of American Legion

Shiloh Kirchoff

•Rise Above

Kayla King

•Clark Cox Memorial

Courtney Taylor

•Study Club


Elsberry high School has been designated an A+ school this spring. Students who qualify for an A+ scholarship receive two free years tuition at any Missouri public community college or Missouri public technical School. To be eligible students must: Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5, Have a cumulative attendance record of 95 percent, Perform 50 of tutoring and Maintain a good citizenship record. This years recipients were Kyle Eisenbath, Melissa Grasso, Chris Hency, Rebecca Jansen, Tina Melvin, Courtney Orf, Mellanee Sherrow and Braden Spratt.

Finally the ceremony ended by announcing the 2013 graduates: Kyle Bange, Julia Barragan, Tracey Beck, Alexander Brandt, Chas Cohoon, Storm Davis, Addric DeRoy, Simon Domingo, Krista Dye, Emily Eairheart, Kyle Eisenbath, Lane Fernandes, Callie Fischer, Charles Fraction, Eli Gladney, Melissa Grasso, Corey Grimmett, Kenneth Grimmett, Jr., Jacklyn Guccione, Brandy Hall, Christopher Hency, Justin Hunter, Rebecca Jansen, Kayla King, Shiloh Kirchhoff, Jessie Knox, Christina LaBanca, Michael Ligon, Cara Marty, Myra Marty, Tina Melvin, Gabrielle Noonan, Jay Ogden, Courtney Orf, Eagle Pappan, Jacob Price, Jesse Roberts, DeAndre Ross, Andrew Schreiber, Dustin Scott, Cody Shaw, Mellanee Sherrow, Mercedes Sherrow, Jeffery Sickmeier, Bryan Smith, Steven Smith, Braden Spratt, Courtney Taylor, Emily Wells and Bailey Zimmerman

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