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Elsberry FFA members prepare for Lincoln County Fair showings

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 10:00 am

Jackpot Show

Many students preparing to exhibit animals in the Lincoln County Fair attended a practice show, known as a Jackpot Show held at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds on June 1.

At the morning hog shows there were ten classes, Class 1 had three Elsberry exhibitors. Passion Edwards received first place in class as well as first place in the Lincoln County born and raised show. Alex Hogarth received second place and Brandy Hall had three hogs entered in the class where they received third, fifth and seventh place. Class 2 had three Elsberry exhibitors as well, Passion Edwards receiving first place in class and Lincoln County born and raised for the second time, Lane Fernandes with second place and Leanna Helm awarded with fifth place in class. Class 3 with two exhibitors from Elsberry awarded Nathan Stone first place in class and Leanna Helm with second place in class. Nathan Stone got fourth place in class with his hog in Class 4 and Class 6. Class 7 had both Alex Hogarth earning first place and Lane Fernandes with fifth place in class; Class 8 with Leanna Helm coming in at second place and Lane Fernandes with third place. The final class with Elsberry exhibitors was Class 9, Alex Hogarth placed second with her hog. Championship Drive awarded Alex Hogarth third place and Passion Edwards with fourth place in class.

Following the hog shows was the lamb show. Class 1 had Sam Marre win the class and Hope Roeder came in a close second place. Class 2, Nicolas Stone received third place and Class 3, Nicolas Stone was awarded first place in class and Sophie Parker received third place for her lamb. Class 4 had four Elsberry exhibitors, Hope Roeder received first in class, Nicolas Stone received second place, Sam Marre received third place in class and Paige Parker received fourth place for their lambs. Class 5 has Sophie Parker win third place and Sam Marre received fourth place, the only lamb to place in Championship Drive was Hope Roeder in third place.

In the morning steer shows; there was only one class in which Elsberry exhibitors were in, Class 5. Tara O’Brien received second place, Cody Shaw’s steer received fourth place and Logan Shaw received fifth place in class.

Afternoon shows were breed specific shows. Tara O’Brien received first place in her class of Chimaine Steers. In the hog’s pure breed shows, Nathan Stone placed second in his class of Berkshire gilts and Alex Hogarth placed first in her class of Berkshire barrows. In the Poland barrow class, Leanna Helm placed second with her hog and Helm also placed second in the Spot gilts class. Lane Fernandes received sixth place in his class of Yorkshire barrows. Crossbred gilt Class 9, Leo Parker received 10th and Brandy Hall received 11th. Class 10 Hall received ninth place and Passion Edwards received fifth, Edwards also received fifth in Class 13 with Alex Hogarth receiving fourth place in class. Class 14, Lane Fernandes received fourth place. In the Crossbred barrow Class 8, Brandy Hall received second place in class. Leanna Helm placed fourth place in Class 12 and Lane Fernandes placed fifth place in Class 13. Leanna Helm also placed seventh with her barrow in Class 14. Class 15 of Crossbred barrows, Leo Parker received sixth place and Alex Hogarth received seventh place.

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