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Elsberry elementary students enjoy 2013 Math Carnival

Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 10:19 am

Pizza Fractions is the center that Beau Gladney and David Hillburn enjoyed at this year’s math carnival.

Students at Clarence Cannon Elementary participated in the third annual Math Carnival April 25th and 26th. Students sharpened their skills in the areas of using money, interpreting data on graphs, linear, mass, and capacity in the area of measurement, and number sense. These areas were the main focus which was followed up by free choice in the areas of pizza fractions, Yahtzee, Twister, Toss Across, Hands Down and Fantastic Tens; all with a twist of math figured in. The students were also treated to a snow cone, bag of popcorn, and a spin of the wheel to win a prize.

The Math Carnival was developed by the Title I teachers Pattie McCafferty, Carol Spratt and Diane Dietrich to review skills taught over the year, as well as to get the students prepared for the MAP test. Parent volunteers and A+ students from the high school synergized to keep everything going at the math and snacks stations.

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