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Elsberry DMV adapts to new system

Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 9:16 am

Kathy Schilling, owner and operator of the Elsberry Department of Motor Vehicles said the changes made should not add time to anyone’s visit. In fact, it could actually make the process go faster.

All throughout the state of Missouri, Driver License Offices have been making big transitions to better serve their customers.

With new security features on State licenses and how they are even made is all part of a new keep safe program to protect residents form I.D. theft.

“They have been discussing this for awhile now and have slowly been making their way to the rural areas,” said Kathy Schilling, Elsberry DMV owner/operator. “Now we are trained on the same equipment here and have made some upgrades that will better serve our customers.”

One of the big changes made to not only the Elsberry Branch office is I.D’s will no longer be made at the local office but rather sent to a special division and then mailed to the customers. When trying to obtain a Driver or non-driver license residents must provide a U.S. birth certificate certified with an embossed, stamped or raised seal issued by a state or local government. Hospital certifications are not acceptable. Residents can also use a U.S. passport that is either valid or expired, a certificate of citizenship, naturalization or birth abroad. U.S. military identification cards or discharge papers can be used as long as a copy of a U.S. birth certificate issued by a state or local government accompanies them. For non-U.S. Citizens, appropriate immigration documents indicating their status is required.

“We are all going to this system,” explained Schilling. “Although some may get it behind others, we are all having to go by these guidelines now. However, it will not change our customer service angles, meaning people won’t be here longer – this doesn’t change the amount of time it takes DMV office. The only real change is the I.D.’s are mailed out to the customers from special department.”

Other items required when trying to obtain an I.D. is a social security number, which can be done verbally or by presenting a card. However, if a social security number has not been assigned, residents must present a letter from the Social Security Administration regarding the status of their number.

Finally, all residents must provide proof or their state residency either by using a utility bill, pay check, government check, mortgage document, voter registration card, property tax receipt, housing rental contract or bank statement; a P.O. Box will not be allowed as a residential address.

“The only really exemptions are for elderly,” said Schilling. “If a person is 65-years-old or older they don’t have to present documents showing their birth place when renewing their licenses.”

Another exemption, according to Schilling, is residents who have a 15-year Missouri driving history and are wanting to renew their license but don’t have all the necessary documentation.

“These people can obtain a one-year non-renewable license so they have time to get all the needed documents together,” said Schilling.

Another change made is for those needing a name change. If a person has just married, they will need to provide a marriage certificate; if divorced they will need a divorce decree. Other name changes will need either certified adoption papers, amended birth certificate, U.S. passport or a social security card or Medicare card.

“It was also announced that a new Missouri Driver exam station opened on April 1 in St. Peters at 580 N. Service Rd,” said Schilling. “This is great for people because it is one of the closest locations outside of the one in Troy.”

The new station is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Computerized testing is available and all written testing must be completed 10 minutes prior to closing. Class E&F skills test end at 4:30 p.m. For more information on testing call 636-278-2925. For more information about document changes call 573-898-2213.

“We care about our customers and this is just another way for us to help protect them,” said Schilling. “We are still dedicated to offering the best and quickest customer service we can and look forward to your business.”

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