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Elsberry City tax rate ready for approval

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 9:09 am

City_LogoBlue_BackgroundShaded.215123658The Board of Aldermen of the City of Elsberry met on the evening of Thursday, Aug. 22, where a public hearing was conducted regarding the 2013 tax rates and to meet in special session.

Mayor Terry Martin presided over the meeting with City Attorney Rob Guinness presiding over the public hearing. Present were Aldermen Terrie Harper, Brent Rockwell, Rusty Kinion and Mike Talbot and City Clerk Jo Ann Cordsiemon. Also present were Ken Woods of MECO Engineering and other visitors. Absent were Alderman Matt Hartley and Steve Wilch.

The public hearing was called to hear public comments regarding the proposed tax rates, which is, for general revenue .5275 cents per 100 valuations with the proposed rate for cemetery tax is .1582 cents per 100 valuations.

With no comments for or against the proposed tax rates the hearing was closed.

Bill #2013-08-003, “AN ORDINANCE ORDERING THE LEVYING AND ESTABLISHING OF THE RATE OF ANNUAL TAXES FOR PURPOSES OF MAINTAINING THE ELSBERRY CEMETERY, TO BE COLLECTED FOR THE YEAR 2013” and Bill #2013-08-004, “AN ORDINANCE ORDERING THE LEVYING AND ESTABLISHING OF THE RATE OF ANNUAL TAXES FOR MUNICIPAL PURPOSES, TO BE COLLECTED FOR THE YEAR 2013” were presented for the Board’s consideration. A motion was made by Alderman Rusty Kinion and seconded by Alderman Terri Harper, to read Bill #2013-08-03 and Bill #2013-08-004 two times in full. A motion was then made by Harper to adopt the bill and seconded by Alderman Brent Rockwell. The bill passed with four ayes, zero nays and two absent.

Bill #2013-08-004 was read two times in full. Motion to adopt Bill #2013-08-004 was made by Alderman Rockwell, seconded by Alderman Kinion, with the passing with four ayes, zero nays and two absent.

Moving on, the Board then discussed the recent water project and the current wastewater project with Ken Woods of MECO Engineering. The Board had previously noted the numerous concerns that they had with the handling of the water project and their concerns with the new project. Mr. Guinness also advised the Board that he had asked MECO Engineering to renegotiate the wastewater contract as some things have been taken out of the plans.

Woods addressed the Board by clarifying their concerns. He discussed the need for the five amendments, the bond issue problem and Rural Development funding. He reviewed the problems with the water project. The Board then addressed the concerns with the wastewater project and who chose the areas to be done with the project. Woods believes that Alliance Water Resources and the Infrastructure Committee made that decision in 2006. Alderman Kinion addressed several issues with the lack of inspection. Alderman Rockwell noted that there would be a resident inspector on the wastewater project but that the contractor will blame any issues on the inspector. Woods replied that the contractor is responsible for the quality of his work.

Numerous other questions were asked with the Board being very upfront about the engineering work and the contractor’s performance. Guinness asked what is MECO’s plan for the wastewater project, as they did not seem to be proactive with the water project but more reactive. Woods assured the Board that all problems will be addressed, the project will be watched over more closely and the work will be done to the satisfaction of the City. Woods will monitor this, himself. He also informed the Board that he would like to have a kick-off work session with them and that the survey crew will be in town soon.

Woods also reported that the Lakeview Water Project is close to going out for bid.

With nothing else to discuss, the board voted and adjourned.

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