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Elsberry City officials debate mixed feelings over various ordinances

Posted on Friday, December 28, 2012 at 8:07 am

Residents of Elsberry filled the meeting room at City Hall awaiting to hear the outcome of what the city was planning on doing regarding ordinances pertaining to slow moving vehicles and motorized wheelchairs.

“Then I guess my question would be, can’t we strike the word highway from Section 2?” asked Rockwell. Guinness replied, “It is a generic term, it is not necessarily The Hwy. 79 or The Hwy. B. But it allows us, if it did only refer to those, allows our officers to write tickets. If we took those out, then only state troopers could write tickets, on those stretches of highway.”
Having said that, Rockwell then pointed out that there is no way in reality or based off this ordinance for a person to legally cross over either one of the two highways.
“So I understand this correctly, there is really no way for a person to get from say Casey’s to Dollar Store without driving on the shoulder of the highway. So if we were to strike the word highway from the ordinance then the city wouldn’t have the ability to write a ticket but a state trooper could,” Rockwell asked again. “But as we are here in the city, that is the only way a person could possible get there. I’m hoping at some point we can figure out a way to remedy this problem, whether it’s installing sidewalks or something.”
Elsberry Mayor Terry Martin went on to say the city has been granted access to use the route behind IGA, in order for handicapped residents to still get to some of the essential places. Rockwell added he would like to see sidewalks installed not only on Harris Street but possibly other vital locations that wouldn’t restrict residents from where they can and can’t go.

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