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Elsberry Aldermen vote to front money for new playground equipment

Posted on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 8:16 am

Shown above is an illustration of what the new playground at Page Branch Park could look like. Although, the playground will have a spiral slide instead of a straight slide like shown.

“And all the kids shall play,” was the final news on Tuesday, Feb. 12 when the Elsberry Board of Aldermen approved the plans for playground equipment to be installed at Page Branch park, using approximately 95 percent recyclable material.

The cost of the new equipment will be $25,838, with an additional $1,300 being used for two day’s of supervision. The Page Branch Park Committee has grant funds totaling $19,769.25, which is coming from Department of Natural Resources (DNR) East Central Solid Waste Management District. However, in order for the park to receive the funds the money has to be put up front and then reimbursed.

“We need the City to approve the design and give us the go ahead for the playground equipment,” explained Page Branch Park Committee President Aprile Taylor. “We also need for the city to fund the money up front. The park committee has the rest of the money from the $19,769.25 but [DNR] wants the grant money up front and then they will reimburse you.”

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