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Down home country fun at the 2012 Lincoln County Fair

Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Thrown 'N' Smoke BBQ, out of Troy won first place in ribs and sides during the BBQ cook-off event at the Lincoln County Fair

Although the weather was hot and humid the Lincoln County Fair was still a seemingly huge success.

It would seem as though nothing could detour folks from coming out and enjoying all the festivities, even when a storm almost took out a few of the concession tents on Friday, July 13.

People from all over the state came to participate in a wide array of events like the Dock Dog “Big Air Wave,” and the live stock show off events.

The Lincoln County Fair included a long list of new and old events like the Horse Shows, The Truck and Tractor Pulls and the Backyard BBQ Contest, in which Lincoln County’s own Troy Smoke and BBQ took first place in ribs and sides. But some of the events were just unique in their own right. Events like the turtle races, the Lawnmower Demolition Derby and the Greased up Pig Skirmish seemed to attract a large crowd of spectators. Also featured was ATV Supercross, Demolition Derby (featuring Big Foot), CMPA Truck Pullers/Mini Rod Pullers, Horticulture Shows, Junior Hog Shows, Live Stock Auctions and much much more.

With rides and games for everyone, the turnout was massive as approximately 12,000 people showed up over the five day event, with the

Sam Marre participated in her first ever live stock event. According to FFA Advisor Jason Vandivort, she has done extremely well.

busiest of days on Saturday. But it was no surprise because Saturday night featured Country music stars Craig Morgan, famous for his hit song “Corn Star” and Josh Nichols, who is known for such hits as “The Impossible” and “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.”

As the main stage filled many people either stood against a retaining wall, found a blank patch of dirt or found a spot in the bleachers. It seemed as though every seat in the area was perfect for the show. So as folks sat, or danced, drank beer and just had a seemingly good time, these two singers made their presence known with huge songs and some good ol’ fashioned southern charm.

The fair also took moments to recognize those men and women that could not make it, as they were either deployed or made the ultimate sacrifice. At the beginning of the Saturday night show, members of the Troy Fair Council asked everyone to rise to pay homage to those proud few.

However, the fair was not just about the music and rides; it also featured a wide assortment of businesses promoting their goods. Places like Pampered Chef, Uncle Larry’s Wrecking Crew and Westplex Radio 100.7 were just a few of the places present.

For some the week may have ended too fast for others the Lincoln County Fair is, “…what country living is all about.”