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DNC Club holds monthly meeting

Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 8:45 am

The DNC Club met for their monthly meeting on April 24 at the home of Glenda Martin with Patty Koch serving as co-hostess.

Sixteen members were present to answer the roll call of “My Favorite Beverage”. Marty Gray gave a report on the Library fundraiser, which was held on April 6. According to her, attendance at the event was more than any of the past fundraisers and much positive feedback was received regarding the food, music and auction. The annual library’s BBQ fundraiser is scheduled for May 4 to be held at the library.

The summer outing has been scheduled for June 9, which is a trip to Jefferson City. More information will be given at the May meeting. A donation was then given to the Palmer Library in memory of former member, Barbara Howard.

Margie Koch reported on her enjoyable trip with Amanda Talbot on the sophomore pilgrimage. For the evening’s program, member Malaine Hagemeier gave an interesting and enjoyable slide presentation on her visit to Europe, bringing souvenirs to share with the members. Sarah Hunt gave the department report on fine arts, introducing the members to a book entitled,” Remember Ben Clayton” by Stephen Harrigan. She highly recommended the book for those interested in learning about art and horses. The hostess gift was won by Peggy Briscoe.

The May meeting is scheduled for May 22 at the home of Carla Talbot.