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Cleveland drops in out of thin air

Posted on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 11:11 am

Cleveland At Summer Library

On Aug. 2, Elsberry R-II Middle School teacher Scott Cleveland paid a visit to the children participating in the summer library program at Joseph R. Palmer Memorial Library.

Cleveland, whose daughter Madison participated in the summer reading program as a child, performed a series of experiments with the children to teach them about air pressure.

Cleveland said he has always found it ironic that people are constantly surrounded by science during every moment of their daily lives and yet it is one of the least popular subjects to study.

He said it was his hope that the kinds of experiments he did with the children would demonstrate that science can be fun and interesting, as well as relevant to people’s daily lives.

Further, he encouraged the children to read about the things that interested them and to seek out books, magazines, periodicals, etc. that would help them find answers to all of the questions that they might have about the world in which they live.