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Classic Christmas carol turned into comedy at EHS

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2018 at 3:06 pm

The H.L. Purdin Players took to the Elsberry High School stage this past weekend with their rendition of the comedy “The 12 Daze of Christmas”.

The play was directed by Jodi Dormire and Carolyn Harmon, English Teachers at EHS.

In the production the main character Alice, played by Veronica Whiteside, is wrapped up in the Christmas Holiday and all she wants to do is sing her favorite Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

But after singing just a few words Alice realizes that when she sings the characters in the popular holiday tune come alive. So, Alice’s boyfriend has decided to send her all the characters mentioned in the traditional tune.

In Alice’s version, those appearing, are nothing what people envision. From Turtle and Dove, two attorneys that try to convince Alice to sue Santa Claus for invasion of privacy, to milkmaids who have created a union and are on strike because of poor working conditions. The play turns the traditional holiday song into a fast paced zany collection of characters.

Other cast members include: Trevor Anthony, Nathan Miller, Madeline Hartwell, Aidan Miller, Madison Leckbee, Nick Bredenkoetter, Lyman Heras, Joe Winters, Melody Hall, Isabell Bayless, Lauryn Eberhart, Jaime Richards, Meghan O’Driscoll, Hailey King, Kaitlyn Tapley, Kaylee Duvall, Leah Wilson, Richard Whiteside, Hunter Brandt, Tabitha Lynch, Adrianne Ryan, Tyra Henderson, Brylie King, Brady Hubbard, Austin Elick, Morgan Jones, Mara Lammert and Abbey Talbot.

Making a special appearance were some children from the elementary school as drummers, they were: Aleks Harman, Brynnli Dormire, Koby Kinion, Eliana Black, Mira Sartin, Emma Boedeker, Allie Bonstell, Tyson Kinion, Aubree Boedeker, Will Scott, Rylan Long, and Kaylee Long.

Dormire had this to say about the production, “The play went great. The students did an amazing job of hitting their lines, completing quick costume changes and handling more than one role. I am so very proud of them. And I have to give a big shout out to those students who arrived early in the morning and stayed late after school helping to build, paint, fix and decorate the set. I am extremely appreciative. Everyone’s hard work paid off.”