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City of Silex re-evaluates tax issues

Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 10:38 am

SILEX — Silex’s May Board of Alderman meeting saw a change of pace as City Administrator and Police Chief William Barnes informed board members that the percent he’d quoted the board in Aprils meeting of city sales tax being set at 1.38% was incorrect.

Barnes explained that he’d been in contact with County Clerk Crystal Hall and that through research in her office found no instance where Silex had ever brought a sales tax increase before the city’s residents.

stamp taxes with red text on whiteThis would mean that the tax is and remains at one percent. Barnes explained that his initial investigating into what the rate was and his belief in it being at 1.38% was from several city records and emails between city officials in which a sales tax rate of 1.38% was discussed.

He explained that maybe it had been considered at some point but never moved past the most basic stages and placed on a ballot for the town’s approval.

Several members of the board also asked about progress with insuring that corrections had been made in terms of Silex residents being flagged as living with-in city limits for when they pay sales tax on personal property.

Barnes told aldermen that he had been in contact with the Missouri Department of Revenue further as well as other local entities in continuing to iron this out.

He’s been assured that the system requires some time to insure that the changes have gone through.

He explained that the systems are in some ways interlinked between DOR and the DMV along with the county.

Seeing that these updates will take a little time, the city must rely on citizens to be forthright when asked if they live in the city of Silex.

[This article was written by Jacob W. Thompson, Silex Area Correspondent.]