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City of Elsberry tables several topics and updates concern Aldermen

Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 8:12 am

Bob Sinnett stood in front of the Elsberry Board of Alderman and other city officials requesting that the two parking spots in front of Senate Theater be made no parking spots during movie hours.

It seemed to be more of a “table” talk session than a city council meeting as City Officials met on Tuesday, Jan. 8 for the Elsberry monthly meeting.

It was table after table as topics on the agenda came up. It started with the reading and acting upon unapproved minutes of previous meetings because not all the aldermen had full packets detailing the minutes. Next item tabled was the Seventh Street Water Extension Project, presented by MECO Engineering, because the alderman wanted to negotiate the projected cost extension seeing as the thought was the project would be based off of the bidding price rather than the unit price.

“Putting out for bids would possibly cost [the city] $5,000,” said Ken Woods of MECO at which time Ward Three Alderman Bob Kindred replied with, “That’s still better than $7,000.”

However, Wood’s expressed his doubt in the assumption the city would save money either way. During last month’s meeting, held on Dec. 11, 2012, Woods said additional water line work on North Seventh Street, from Page Branch Road to Ellis Street and down to Bailey Ave. had previously been approved if funds were available. Unfortunately, the USDA would only approve a four inch line. The funds needed for costs incurred for a larger line would be the City’s responsibility and the estimated cost was $75,000. Woods at that time argued that a six inch line was needed, but again the USDA only approved a four. The shared cost for the City would be approximately $11,000 for a four inch line and an additional $7,200 for a six. The Board of Aldermen voted with six ayes to approve the larger line with the City providing the additional funds.

Since Jay Gourley, with Boonslick Regional Planning Commission was not present the board moved on to the next item on the agenda, which was a request by Bob Sinnett to make the two parking spots in front of his business, Senate Theater, fire lanes during movie showing.

“In 1973 we bought our theater and what we were told at that time was, there were two signs that came with the purchase, which stated no parking,” explained Sinnett. “For 40-years we have put these signs and over the last several months we have been challenged to these signs, with comments made how we have to right to take those two spots, it’s a public street and people have the right to take the parking spots and we are afraid something is liable to happen to people inside our building.”