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City approves purchase of auto dialer for lift station

Posted on Friday, May 31, 2013 at 9:00 am

Outside of the typical agenda items discussed at the City Council’s monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 14 a few other items were brought to light.
Marshall Suddarth, Manager for Alliance Water Resources – Elsberry, asked the Board’s to approval to purchase an auto dialer for the lift station placed on the American Legion property.
This station uses a buzzer and a light to notify the department of any problems and with the auto dialer Alliance Water Resources would be notified immediately,” explained Suddarth. “The initial purchase would be $510.00 with a $140.00 per year service contract. Once the lift station is set up with telemetry controls the auto dialer will be removed and may be used elsewhere.”
Suddarth also added that if the purchase is approved, a test for cellular coverage will be made first. A motion was made by Alderman Matt Hartley and seconded by Alderman Rusty Kinion, to approve the purchase; it passed with six ayes, zero nays.
Another item brought before the board was on Bill 2013-05-003, an ordinance calling a bond election in the city of Elsberry, which was presented for the Board’s consideration.
“This bill calls for a special election on August 6 and clarifies the language regarding usage of the bonds approved at the April 2010 election,” explained Elsberry City Attorney Rob Guinness.
A motion was made by the Alderman Kinion and seconded by Alderman Brent Rockwell, to read Bill 2013-05-003 two times by title only. Then Kinion and Hartley made a motion to adopt the bill, which passed with six ayes and zero nays. An explanation will be added to the ballot if allowed by the Lincoln County Election Authority.
During the Library reports Alderman Steve Wilch reported that the Palmer Library held their annual Barbecue and Book Sale of May 4 and raised approximately $390.00. This amount is down from years past due to the weather.
Wilch then announced that the mower from Mordt Tractor was delivered for demonstration purposes. According to him, Alliance employees were happy with the mower, therefore, a motion was made by Rockwell and seconded by Alderman Mike Talbot, to approve the purchase of the mower from Mordt Tractor in amount of $13,673.00. The vote passed with six ayes and zero nays.
Kinion then proceeded to give his infrastructure report, stating the City would not be getting the 2013
F-450 due to a halt in production. Instead the city will get a 2014 F-450 for the price of the 2013. Delivery is expected close to the end of August.
Page Branch Park Chairman Aprile Taylor reported that the weather has prohibited moving forward with the trail extension, as well as the playground project and as soon as weather allows the projects will be completed. Once those projects are done the disc golf course will be constructed.
Elsberry Police Chief Robert Bodley went on to advised the Board that he would be attending the FBI training the week of May 20 and requested permission to use the police car to drive back and forth, which was approved unanimously by the board.
Bodley also reported that he presented a list of properties with ordinance violations and he would be sending out letters to those in violation. He then went on to ask for help from the Broad and the public in documenting violations. Following some discussions William (Sonny) Taylor offered his help. After approval from the board, Taylor and Bodley agreed to sit down and come up with a system for the matter.
Finally, Elsberry Clerk Jo Ann Cordsiemon reported that the 2012 Audit has been completed and recommendations were given by Botz, Deal and Company, with the note that the recommendations are restricted as the City does not have the funding or staff to implement them. Cordsiemon also advised the Board that the application and permits for wheelchairs and golf carts are now available.
With nothing else for open session, the board voted and adjourned into closed session. The nest meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on June 11 at the City Hall meeting room.