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‘And the band marches on’ Elsberry Marching Band setup for a big year

Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Shown above is the Elsberry Field Marching Band participating in one of their many events from 2011. This year, Head Music Director Tom Speers said he wants to see the band go even farther.

With school back in session, sports teams are not the only ones taking to the field. The Elsberry School Band are also preparing for a big year, according to Elsberry R-II Band and Choir Director Tom Speers.

Approximately two weeks prior to the start of school, the Elsberry Band put their skills to the test in-a-things to come exhibition.

“This exhibition is really the first time fans and parents can come hear their kids,” Speers said. “Each year we are tasked with picking a theme for the marching band and this year we have chosen the Beatles or Beatle-mania.”

Speers said the exhibition, simply, is the preview event for the year to come. In addition to teasing the community, the band also talks about what the marching band is and what kind of music they intend to play for the year.

“We’re five-years into having a football team and our field show marching band came along with them.” Speers said. “We do this exhibition every year at the end of band camp and I like when members of the community can come.”

According to Speers, the band, so far, sounds good, especially with them coming off one of their best years. He went on to say he is proud in that the Elsberry program has become the team to beat.

“Last year we almost won every competition and I’m really hoping to have the same success this year,” Speers said. “We are going back to Wright City this year, which that event will be on Sept. 22. We will participate in the Wright City Marching Festival, where we will take part in the early morning parade doing our thing.”

The Elsberry band will also take part in the Washington Marching Festival, which last year was the first time in 50-years they took first place in the parade. Speers said what the real challenge of that day is going to be is the fact they will participate in the Washington Parade at 8 a.m. and then head back home to march in the Elsberry Fall Festival Parade that evening.

“That day is going to be interesting, kind of a double duty day for us,” Speers said. “Now our big, big event is on Oct. 27, where will do the Pinckneyville Festival. It’s similar to Mardi-Gras but more Halloween themed and there we will do the field show in the morning.”

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