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A word from Elsberry Mayor Terry Martin

Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 11:09 am

The brown water has finally cleared up and this should be the last of it for a while. We might experience some brown water when the new water tower goes into service. The tower will have to be filled with chlorinated water sanitized and flushed. Sand blasting and painting of the water is behind schedule. The original company that was subcontracted to paint the tower is closing its doors and going out of business. The new contractor Pro Tank out of Utah should be starting the work on Oct. 22. Please keep in mind the area around the water tower may become dusty when sandblasting begins. Also if the dust gets on painted surfaces don’t just wipe it off as it is very abrasive rinse it with water.

The water mains are all installed and the grading, seeding and straw being put down on the all the lawns is near completion. I would like to thank everyone for putting up with all the dirt and dust all summer as the construction went on and especially as dry as it was. Hopefully we will get all the streets cleaned up and everything back to normal in short fashion. Asphalting has begun and should be finished in the near future.

Everyone has been complaining about their water and sewer bills being high. In April of 2008 we voted on a Bond Issue to upgrade the City Water and Sewers and it passed by a large majority. It also stated that the monies to pay the Bond back would come from water and sewer rates. We will have an open meeting in the near future with a Power Point presentation to go over water usage rates and how they are calculated.

The next phase of construction we will be starting the sewer and wastewater project. Again we will have areas in town dug up just like with the water project. Please bare with us when construction begins on the sewer, it will be a betterment for the City.

We hope to get back to enforcing the City Codes on issues of trash in yards, tall grass and weeds and other areas that need to be cleaned up. If you have neighbors who have trash or derelict vehicles in their yards ask them to clean them up. Let’s all pitch in and clean the City up.

We plan on doing some milling and resurfacing to some of the City streets next year as long as funds are available. I hope we have a mild winter, which will be a big help in keeping the streets from totally deteriorating and becoming full of potholes.