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A lesson in the true meaning of sportsmanship

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 10:06 am

Kevin Hailey helps Aryanna Eaton at the plate.

Kevin Hailey helps Aryanna Eaton at the plate.

Participating in sports teaches children a number of valuable life lessons.

Practices instill in them the value of being somewhere on time and the necessity of preparation.

Games teach them how to perform and give their best while under pressure.

Winning teaches them that hard work and sacrifice really do pay off and that it is possible to set achievable goals.

Finally, losing teaches them that things won’t always end up the way they want them to but that the effort and initiative they put in are worth it just the same.

This year, however, David Kinion’s girls softball team in Elsberry learned a different kind of lesson.

Specifically, they discovered the value of accepting and embracing a teammate’s differences and encouraging her to succeed in spite of them.

This very special lesson was brought to them courtesy of Aryanna Eaton, an Elsberry student who decided to go out for the softball team this season.
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